Monday, June 29, 2009

Wilmington, We Have Vertical.

RiverFront Update, June 28, 2009

Yes Wilmington, we have gone vertical. Curbs have been installed! They are only about 8" tall but for someone like me who needs physical proof of our hard work, getting to look at curbs as opposed to dirt, pipes and rock, this is a big deal.

Nutt street has been compacted, tested, and rolled with abc stone. Actual asphalt paving will be one of the last things we do.

In case you walk the site, head over the Northwest corner and see the 'tree save'. We've spent a small fortune creating a mini-wall around a tree that resembles the White House Christmas Tree. This is to protect an existing tree from the new fill dirt on the site. We didn't have many trees to work with on the site so this was important (although, as much as I like Christmas, I really wish this was a live oak or something slightly more impressive.)

The water line that loops around the site is wrapping up. The last section along the River was the toughest part. You know how if you dig a hole deep enough in the sand at the beach and it starts to fill up with water? Same issue here. The guys at Four Seasons got it done though. On budget and on schedule.

The Riverwalk framing (deck joists) are just about complete. Electrical work will start next with lighting along the decking itself (foot lights) as well as the post lights. It is going to look incredible from every direction. Soon after that we will install the decking with our targeted finish date still being September 1st. Keep your fingers crossed - we have a lot of things that have to be done by September 1st.

Before I forget (and before you ask), NO, you cannot tie up your boat to the marina during the 4th of July Battleship Fireworks. We promised the Fire Chief that no one would dock at the site until the fire hydrants are in place. I know this sounds weird, "If a boat catches fire in the middle of the River we won't be able to get any water to it...(?!)" but Chief Blackley is a really cool guy so we don't mess with him.

Have a happy and safe 4th. It's my favorite party in Downtown Wilmington. It's always a real blast!

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