Monday, September 14, 2009

Just Add Water...

FINALLY, our trees are here!

Not having trees on the site when we first began the development process was both a blessing and a curse. With no trees, we could plant new ones where we wanted; however, getting large, full canopies could take years (and great trees mean everything to great projects, ask anyone).

Initially we wanted to transplant trees (tree spade) from local farms to the site. One minor problem though, we needed them all to look identical, grow consistently and we needed 11 of them. We have a very specific “vision” for the main street and planning the look correctly from the start sets the stage for the rest of the project to follow suit.

I think we did OK though… You are looking at photos of 8” caliper, conical shaped Live Oak trees that were purchased from a farm in Central Florida. These things are huge! They were delivered in giant 200 gallon containers and “so far, so good”. They are getting watered each day for about an hour and a half via an underground well and drip irrigation system. I’ve carried a set of pruning snips in my truck with me for several years now and I can’t wait to ‘fine tune’ them next Spring.

Additional trees will follow as the buildings come into play but this initial planting is a really big deal – it sets an incredible tone and feeling for the overall development. As you drive along the new boulevard you can’t help but slow down and enjoy their sheer size and beauty.

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  1. You did just OK?! This is a BIG DEAL! They are absolutely SPLENDID!