Tuesday, December 22, 2009

That Last Day of School Feeling...

You know what I mean, that "no more pencils, no more books" feeling.

The sensation you get after you finish your very last exam - that feeling of relief. Not even concerned if you aced the test or got a C, it's that feeling of accomplishment that's hard to describe (and only comes around just a few times in life.)

This is different from, "what a long day, I think I'll have a cocktail feeling..."

It's that deep set emotion that comes from knowing you worked hard, kept your promises, not only 'showed up' but 'showed up prepared' and delivered your very best.

When I saw these bikes locked up on the RiverWalk one evening last week, with the boats resting in the backdrop, that same sense of pride, triumph, but most importantly, satisfaction was overwhelming.

Look at it through my eyes, someone who is thinking (all the time) how to create great places for people to live around Wilmington. Not once did I imagine my first residents would be actually living in the marina, on a boat!

And it didn't matter that this wasn't what I had initially planned when we started the project, the achievement was the same. Someone was calling this place home - and that is why I do this.

Our story will continue to unfold, and thus far, you have merely read the preface. The first chapter is coming, and if this project were a book, it wouldn't be just a 'best seller', it would be a 'classic' - one we are certain you will enjoy.

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