Monday, January 18, 2010

"Up Close and Personal"

Thanks to my good friend (and new co-pilot), Steffen Kuronen, our new aerials were taken this morning.

He took some great shots and even though I know everyone LOVES the aerials, it just doesn't compare to actually walking the site and seeing it 'up close and personal'.

The major components of the site development are complete (paving, sidewalks, stormwater, etc) but we still have a few loose ends to work through - namely GRASS!

As Spring approaches, the details most important to the 'pedestrian experience' (like landscaping) will start to fall into place. With over 30 boats committed to the Marina and the RiverWalk complete, we have a lot of new visitors at the project.

It's tough to appreciate the scale and scope of the site from the air (everything looks so small) - but when you actually park the car and begin to walk the site do you realize that this project is more than just some land Downtown - it's practically it's own District!

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