Monday, September 6, 2010

Rotary Road-Show? Sort of...

Ann Willard, Dave Spetrino and Darcie Keefe after Dave's presentation about the Northside Re-Development in Wilmington

Every once in a while I get asked by local groups to come and talk about stuff I know a lot about.

Unlike the majority of my public presentations, which include the City Council or the Historic Preservation Commission, these are my favorite kind of gigs because THEY are asking ME to talk to THEM.

It's nice to be invited and fun talking about topics I enjoy - the RiverFront Project is no different.

There are several Rotary Clubs here in Wilmington. I received a call from Greg Uhl who asked that I speak to his lunch group Downtown at the Roudabush Building on the corner of Front and Dock. It must have been well received because later that day I received a call from Darcie Keefe to speak to her group the following week (they meet for breakfast at Bob Rippy's Jungle Rapids on Oleander.)

It would have been easy to fill 30 minutes on the RiverFront project but I expanded my powerpoint presentation to include some background regarding the work our company was involved in the re-development of N 4th Street and the Brooklyn Arts District.

I expounded on the incredible amount of public investment in the Northside of Wilmington with the City's new Convention Center, North Front Street landscaping and pedestrian improvements as well as the incredible new buildings underway at the Cape Fear Community College.

Adding to that, the significant private investment by PPD for their new high-rise global headquarters (also adjacent to our RiverFront Project).

I spoke briefly about the proposed minor league baseball field on the Almont Site to our south before saving the grand finale for an update on our Sawmill Point Marina, the new City RiverWalk and our proposed buildings - especially the Marina House.

Thanks to our local Rotarians for the great work they do within our community. Even better, thanks for allowing me to educate and entertain more of our neighbors about the exciting new developments happening Downtown.

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